My path in history

Every action exists in a world of interconnected events. These actions of ours may in one view be as inconsequential as we perceive them but in another carries the ability to cause great repercussions. The butterfly effect as it is called is that phenomenon where a minute effect in a localised but complex system, can cause a very large (and sometimes inconceivable) effect in another part of the system. This usually results in a chain reaction as that system like its members, does not exist in a vacuum. Hence the system affects other systems.

One of the tips of time management is that minute tasks that have not been accommodated in a plan should be neglected till the more important (or scheduled) events have been accomplished. An example is washing those last 2 dishes you just noticed as you were about to iron your shirt right before your appointment. Though such actions take a fraction of a minute, they end up causing a chain of events whose result is summarised as ‘African Time’. Just leave those dishes till you return.

Like the butterfly effect, the ripple effect is the continuing and spreading result of an event or action. A stone in a pond creates a ripple bigger then itself. The ripple hitting the banks causes it to reflect on and on. Our every action has a number of effects that go beyond our comprehension. From a simple smile to well placed handshake, Litter on the floor or in the trash can, getting somewhere on time, driving a little slower or a spilled cup of water. These actions affect things. We may be able to bear the brunt of our actions, but how capable are we to deal with the ripples they create?

We may not see the extent of our actions and neither can we avoid all the unfortunate outcomes they may bring. But a consciousness of what they hold, is a good start for a heart of compassion.


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