Just because its different?

The chant gained momentum.


All calls for an alternative way. The personal definition used by many to describe themselves is the “Thinking outside the box” world view. But like a friend once asked, are we being counter cultural just for the sake of it? Are we really just dressing different for the sole purpose of standing out or is there an added functionality or advantage in the new position we have taken?

Heed should be taken in order to not mistake the anarchic expression of youthful exuberance as the need for a countercultural approach to life. This strong tendency to attribute a philosophical stance to an action, rather than an action being based on a philosophy or ideology, could lead to the misinterpretation of life and the wrongful glorification of stupidity.

Before any rash conclusion is attained, let the clarity be seen that there is room and ample necessity for an alternate perspective to our world and systems. This view will help in the discovery of alternate and possibly, more efficient solutions to our systems of government, education, prisons, human rights, security, environmental preservation, healthcare and food provision. But in the bid for an alternative view, we tend to swing the pendulum so far to the other side that we end up getting blinded by the same pendulum.

Therefore, in our bid for difference, uniqueness or distinction, there should be room for reason. Logic and understanding should guide our actions even when they lead to against the predominant culture. The removal of reason is not the invention of counter culture but rather, the adherence to stupidity – the death of us.


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