The Box

The only time the proverbial box is mentioned is when one is advised to exit it’s boundaries. In essence it is only discussed only when a negative connotation is attached to it. The advice to think outside the box is so frequently disbursed that it has become a cliché. Every young and in-with-the-times person brandishes themselves with the description of living and thinking outside the box.

But what is the box? Why is it such a thing of glory to live, think and function outside the box?

The box is an established set of rules that determine the way society functions. From family life to education, sports, security, business economics or politics, the principles of “the box” can be applied to it. The rules this box represent aren’t necessarily imposed rules, but mostly customs that have become norms. The best known ways a system functions. Some other times, these rules are as a result of study and research.

Why then is the outside-the-box approach attractive?

It is because sometimes the established knowledge does not adequately address the issues they are designed to meet. An example is the use of Heroin to treat cough. Heroin was seen as an adequate treatment but after some further research, it was deemed wrong. The outside-the-box approach therefore allows a person observe the problem from another perspective.

One important factor is the box itself. You see, the box and its parameter defines the position of thinking. Without the box, there would be an infinite range of undefined thoughts. This therefore makes the outside of the box as important as it’s inside. One does not know where on this spectrum of thought they exist, except they know where the thoughts originate from (that is assuming that the inside of the box is the epicentre of every process).

In that light, one needs a full consciousness of the inside of the box and its boundaries before the outside of the box becomes an address. This is because it just might be, that one is deeply rooted in the box while claiming to be on the outside.


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