Exploring the box

The “outside-the-box” perspective on issues has become rather dominant in society. From art to education, there has been a rise in alternative approaches. This from its onset was very beneficial to advancing the course of civilization. But as it has advanced, so have standards continually declined. This decline is because there is little or no way to measure the efficiency of the various approaches cooked up by different people. It gets more worrisome when these “out-of-the-box” approaches have little or no knowledge of the standard approach to issues, or posses a logical argument for their methods.

This increased unconventional approaches have created an array of methods that in their singularity, would have seemed distinctive. But in their numbers, they have become a new norm. This norm existing outside the box has unconsciously made the initially rejected box the unconventional. The unconventional where what was seen as normal, has now become the exquisite. Where standards and formality have become an exotic rarity.

Thinking outside the box therefore has gone full circle in its life and returned to the appreciation of standards. But standards that upon being understood can still be challenged. Standards non the less. Dare I say that I work within the confines of standards – the box. It has in this time become the extraordinary. When everyone becomes complex the one who remains simple becomes different. When everyone is wild and free, the one who remains calm and collected becomes the wild one. When everyone lives on the edge the one who stays in the middle becomes the edgy one. When everyone thinks outside the box, the one who remains in the box posses the “out-of-the-box” approach.When everyone has become unconventional, the conventional box has become the true state of unconventionality.



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