My guide

And it holds steady
Directing me with gentle nudges.
It guides me in everything and through everything
Its movement determine mine
Its perfection is mine
It lays casually behind me;
Innocent, Simple, Unapologetic, Negligible
It just shifts and turns
Even when the storm rages
Even in the scariest of waves
Its calm movement still directs me
Even when the high winds race by on a bright day
When the sails are high and stretched
It calmly turns me around
It provides no force, no push, no nudge. Just direction

Some call it Fear, others Faith, and others Love

In my worst or best of days it guides me
Directs my decisions more than logic
It is the core of my actions
It provides no force
Neither does it propel me
It is never seen and can rarely be explained
It is innocent in and of its own
It is simple
It is unapologetic in it direction
It is disguised as negligible.
But when love comes flooding in, it changes the course of a life
When fear grips the heart, it directs the life
When faith rises, the world around reverberates
Wherever it goes, determines where I go
Its perfection is mine




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