Day dreaming

And I stood staring
My mind on a journey with you
The sounds of waves around us
You are laughing at my jokes
The dim light flickering in your eyes
How rain looks good on you when it falls
Or how you make the rain look majestic
Your voice blaring from the speakers is melody
How you blink when the wind rushes into your face
That expression of slight anger at my sarcasm
Walking with your arms in mine
Do I sense the smile as you taste my cooking
You are trying to work out my camera
I am helping you get up from the ground
That is not a real song you are singing
You act well
You keep making fun while I am trying to bake
That fake catwalk though
We are dancing off beat: Reggae
You love my poems
The sunset is better with you in it
You are in my over sized baggy jeans
Why are you just standing there?
You are trying to tickle me
Is that a smudge on your cheek?
You keep playing with the shopping cart
How is that a way to skip?
That is a funny dance
Is that a real card trick?
Now fireworks mean a different thing

And with a shout,
I am brought back to reality
Damn you reality



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