But I said ‘please’

But I said ‘please’
Isn’t that the ticked to approval?
Should not the mere use of the word, bring acceptance?
Should it not grant access through the resistance you put forth?
Do I really need to mean it?

Do not dare deny me of what my heart seeks
Is not the word, the right I have to my desires?
Should I not be presented with my request, for its sake?
For this word is my permit
And its use my guarantee

Must I mean it to use it?
Is it not a mere word?
Must a sign of remorse and humility serve as its litter?
Is it not enough, that my pride be etched away for its use?
Why then do you seek more from me?

Is not my use of it, payment that must be accepted?
For once given, like all speech, it cannot be returned
I therefore, demand that this insolence stop.
And my request be granted
For I would grant yours, if guided by the word, ‘please’.

Therefore you should accept it
You must accept it
For I have, without your demand for it, presented it
And in its own right, binds you to action
Actions, in my interest


But your ‘please’ is not welcomed here
Your disguise of politeness is not applauded
For in its true form, a denial from me, must be graciously accepted
And your desire does not thump my response
Your ‘please’ is not a guarantee

So save your breath
Not from a polite request
But from the insolence you may emanate from my dismissal of your request
for my approval is mine to give
And not your ‘please’ to demand


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