I have found you

Now the search is over
Now I can put to ease, my heart
Now there is peace in me
And my composure is returned
For what was once lost, is back home
And the color, is back in my day

For my heart trembled when you were gone
My mind was amok
My thoughts, awry
How your absence has wrung my focus
And my composure, shaken
For privation became my abode

My heart, in sadness inquired
Is this loneliness here to stay?
Has companionship, from me, been estranged?
For the void is living, and its presence is sure
Its aura is dense, and it weighs heavy on the heart
May its verve end, sooner than late

For only your return can lift this sadness
Only your presence can lift this cloud
And in hope, I prayed
Make my heart smile again.
Let my heart sing, and with joy, say out loud
I have found you

Smile for me, my friend

Smile for me, my friend
This disappointment is only for a while
Do not let this day rob you of your smile
Do not let the displeasure steal your excitement
For it is a pleasure to me
And a blessing to all who behold it

Let your heart be elated
Let the wings of joy, burst through the cover of sobriety
Rest on the spring in your step
And let it not be put to disuse
For your excitement is my desire
And my joy resides in you

Embrace the smile
I can see it slowly creeping back
Shake off the air of despair to the sound of music
Wiggle hard and let the weights fall off
For your smile is precious, my friend
A gift, from God, to man

For I am made of more

For I am made of more
A plethora of concepts and happenings
The roads leading to here were innumerable
The taste that finally emanated, too complex
A unique creation of of history
A permutation of time and space

Do not judge my actions by one point
Do not reduce me to a finite origin
Do not, I insist, streamline the path I have tread
For it is many
The varied roads have led here
And this here, is only just a part of many

For in the wake of birth, the lanes were set
And In the passing of noon, they crossed over many
That the loot they amassed, may speak the tale of the times
And the scars, my allegory of battles
Why then would I be of finite origin, and why is my tale, causal?
Is not this complexity evident?

Therefore I ask thee
Do not ascribe this sight to one past, nor commend this life to one road
For its path has been many; and its road, a mob
Every stain has a tale; and every scar, a story
Every smell, a place; and every callus, a struggle
For I am made of more

On your side of the fence

When it becomes a culture
When my actions are born out of the herd
When the knowledge of day and night is found only in a followership
When my concept of time lies on another’s wrist
When I can see no longer, only through another’s eyes
When the world is felt only in unison
When my reactions depends on your expression
When I lose my independence
That is when I am certain, that I have lost my life

For I sit here
Staring from your side of the fence
I see you
I see you clearly, but understand little of your actions
How is proximity not bringing us closer?
How do I seem like the chicken in the midst of the ducks?
I ponder constantly, on you
Am I an anarchist?
For I am perpetually confused by you

I was told that family resided on this side of the fence
I was told that there was companionship in the collective
Why do I feel like I’m in a play?
Is pride keeping me from the reality?
Or is there something missing in my drink?
Speak to me. I ask you do
Feed my curiosity
Tell me there is not an illusion in this
Not an illusion in your concept of companionship
For from this side of the fence
The act seems fascinating

Smile on me

Smile on me
That I may enjoy your grace
For your favour is my heart’s desire
And your company, my deepest longing
Even in the midst of many
Where the air is electrified by the millions
I still dream of you beside me
That is my solace

Come, walk with me
Lets our shoulder bump each others
And arms linger with every slight touch
For I dream of your presence
The aura you bring
I dream of your companionship
It fills me with bliss
This is what my heart wants

Sit! Sit! Sit!
Sit beside me a little longer
Fill my presence with the whiff of you
Hopefully, my words will not fail me
And my heart will flow, unhindered
Let your presence satisfy my soul
For it desperately desires you
And the beauty of your company

Take me captive

Hold my thoughts captive
Be the guard of my soul
Rule over me
For I am weak and bad at this
Come, reign over me
Hold my sceptre in my stead
My hands are weak and feeble
They tremble from the burden of rulership
The strengths of my mere humanity is failing
I need you to save me from destroying myself
Come please. Come
Hurry! Hurry, please hurry
For I am soon to be out of breath

Hold your grace over me
Let me fall into its ever present embrace
I give up control, to your magnificent power
I abandon my resistance
I defer my opposition
For it has failed me
And it, in the most dire of moments, has led me astray
Come and save me from myself
Take my thoughts in your hands
Fill me with the strength to stand unwavering
For my heart is tender and exposed
Be the protector of my soul
Pull me close, for my thoughts tend to stray

The chasm that divides

My eyes are set on this chasm
And it widens with every passing breath
On the other bank, I gaze
As I feel my heart tear apart
The void grows between the sides, and words are lost in them
I watch it grow, and feel helpless to the forces that pull it wider
Life flows like a stream through the growing gulf
And in it, is a world so busy
A world that attempts to distract me
Distract me from the constantly eroded banks
I gaze in despair at the forces in life
With no regard for me, it works tirelessly
Eating up the banks in it insatiable hunger
Such cruelty!
A perpetual victim of time: a master whose reign is infinite
The bridges of memory thin out under its constant battering
And mercy is no trait of its rule
For in its ever present reign, it ravages the mind
Turning bliss to pain and then regret
For what was once a pleasure to behold, is relegated to memory
And in the dungeons of the mind, it is recluse
How its glory is gone
And in memory, it fades.

Curse be this chasm that divides
For even the blessedness of memories, are not safe from its destruction
It is a beast that consumes the strongest of minds
And even the warrior, may fall in this battle
What can deliver us?
For this chasm, may of us all, consume

Look at beauty blossom

And this life walked in a sea of others
Through a path only it could tread
A constant manoeuvre through a unique struggle
Every stroke, shaping its future
Watch her memories build her in different ways
Watch life grow in her different fruits
Hear her hearts beat to ever changing tunes
Watch! Watch her dance to a mixture of rhythms
Pay attention. Look at her move through time
Flowing tenderly: A dance with existence
Touch her smiles. Look at the beauty this world can offer
Listen attentively. She pushes the air to make sounds
She soothes the ear of the attentive
And fills the air with soothing words
Look at her
A streams moving in the ocean
Her rareness, caught up in the quagmire of reality
And as the sun shines around her, she blossom
Seemingly, she totters around
Day in day out
Growing, learning, crying, smiling, cheering, planning, hoping
From a run to a leap to a crawl to a sprint to a jog
She is perpetually at intersections with other
A stream, flowing over the rocks
Look at the plants grow in the splashes she makes
Even as she sways left and right
Her graciousness fills the banks with beauty
Look at beauty blossom from her
Look at beauty blossom for her


The weight of expectation

The weight of expectation lies heavy on me
It leans on my smile, and arches it downwards
My efforts are spent, lifting my shoulders
It forces on me, a finite future
One, so definite, it leaves me on a tight rope
It encompasses me on all sides
This pressure it exerts, squeezes out the joy in tomorrow
My steps are unstable, and my vision is blurry
For I focus too hard, on the thin path it has laid out for me
Oh! How I miss the freedom of ignorance
Or the liberty the unknown affords
For under the weight of expectations, my back aches
And under the eyes of others, it cracks
It steals the truth in my smile
It leaves me feeble in the face of solitude
It feeds on time, and time doth fattened it
And in its corpulence, it bequests more attention to itself
Oh! How it hurts my back.

The weight of expectation is heavy
It robs me of the joy of the moment
It drains me of vitality,
Especially one for the joy that is yet to be
Oh! how I miss the days,
When my back was straight, and tomorrow was infinite

Blessed be our eyes

How we trust our eyes
For they are the tunnel of truth
The judge by which we rule
For with vision, we give approval
And by its discernment we dismiss

By your ink, you define your knowledge
With you sleeves, you show hard work
With piercing, you have ruptured your credibility
Under those round glasses, reside wisdom
And in suits, lie understanding

These eyes have never failed us
They have never led us on the path of wrong
They guide our movement, and keep us from falling
And without them, failure will ensue
They are the filter for the misguidances of life

Blessed are our eyes,
For by them we have the good life
Blessed be vision,
For through their gift, we have discernment
In vision we trust

Blessed be the woe that these filters bring
Woe be unto the blessings, prejudice brings
For by discernment, we have condemned the many
And by vision, we have trusted our finite knowledge
Woe be unto our vision, for they have led us astray

For it is a blessing and curse to see
For beauty is a blessing to all who behold it
But fear is a curse to those prone prejudge
Vision is susceptible to deception
And in its discernment, it castigates the many