Blessed be our eyes

How we trust our eyes
For they are the tunnel of truth
The judge by which we rule
For with vision, we give approval
And by its discernment we dismiss

By your ink, you define your knowledge
With you sleeves, you show hard work
With piercing, you have ruptured your credibility
Under those round glasses, reside wisdom
And in suits, lie understanding

These eyes have never failed us
They have never led us on the path of wrong
They guide our movement, and keep us from falling
And without them, failure will ensue
They are the filter for the misguidances of life

Blessed are our eyes,
For by them we have the good life
Blessed be vision,
For through their gift, we have discernment
In vision we trust

Blessed be the woe that these filters bring
Woe be unto the blessings, prejudice brings
For by discernment, we have condemned the many
And by vision, we have trusted our finite knowledge
Woe be unto our vision, for they have led us astray

For it is a blessing and curse to see
For beauty is a blessing to all who behold it
But fear is a curse to those prone prejudge
Vision is susceptible to deception
And in its discernment, it castigates the many

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