Look at beauty blossom

And this life walked in a sea of others
Through a path only it could tread
A constant manoeuvre through a unique struggle
Every stroke, shaping its future
Watch her memories build her in different ways
Watch life grow in her different fruits
Hear her hearts beat to ever changing tunes
Watch! Watch her dance to a mixture of rhythms
Pay attention. Look at her move through time
Flowing tenderly: A dance with existence
Touch her smiles. Look at the beauty this world can offer
Listen attentively. She pushes the air to make sounds
She soothes the ear of the attentive
And fills the air with soothing words
Look at her
A streams moving in the ocean
Her rareness, caught up in the quagmire of reality
And as the sun shines around her, she blossom
Seemingly, she totters around
Day in day out
Growing, learning, crying, smiling, cheering, planning, hoping
From a run to a leap to a crawl to a sprint to a jog
She is perpetually at intersections with other
A stream, flowing over the rocks
Look at the plants grow in the splashes she makes
Even as she sways left and right
Her graciousness fills the banks with beauty
Look at beauty blossom from her
Look at beauty blossom for her



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