I am my own devil’s advocate

I am my own devil’s advocate
Knocking down the thoughts that grow
For in their weakness, is my provocation
And in this conflict, does my victory emerge
A tyrant to my thought
Dismantling down ideas
I am my own devils advocate
And in aggression, I attack

Let this conflict rage
Let these thoughts, be assaulted
Show me my weakest link, and let me exploit it
The charge on these thoughts will never cease
Till they are brought to their demise
That in this conflict, the challenge of my truth is initiated
That my defences may be pushed to compromise
For what good is a defence if it is not used?

I am my own devil’s advocate
I approach the bench in confidence
For I know the defence, and they are weak
The noblest of their thought, is doused in selfishness
And the assurance they spew, is coloured in doubt
Do not put your trust in them
For they do not trust themselves
And their ideas are riddled with holes

I am my own devil’s advocate
The accuser of my defence
The defence of my accuser
The Ouroboros of thought
The thesis and anti-thesis
This is my demise
This is my victory

I am my own devil’s advocate
That in the night of my being
May the assault on truth commence
And may its walls be tested to their full
That in the light, they may be a fortress
One, of irrefutable logic


Your salvation

Speak to me in wisdom
Calm the troubles in my soul
Extinguish these worries
For they, in each passing moment, eat at my soul
Their hunger is insatiable
And like the abyss, they seek to devour all I am

Save this dying heart
Reach out and save this life from destruction
In its strive for survival, its strength has all ebbed away
Swim faster, for I am drifting off
These realities are restricting my movement
And the tide is working against me

Be my salvation
Put out the chaos that engulfs my being
I am terrified of its ferocity
I am driven to my closet & I cower in fright
Rescue me. Please
For this fear is daunting, and I am spent of courage

Please, listen to the sound of this pleading voice
It resonates in the walls with which you enclose yourself
Let go of your distractions
For these calls will never cease
Lift your arm up, and your legs too
Let compassion drive you to deed
That in the midst of the appeals that overwhelm you
You may hear the wailing from within
For the distractions have kept my cries from your ears
But alas, they have kept your weeping covered from you too
For your soul is troubled
And your eyes fail in hiding this truth

Please, come and save me
For I may be your salvation

She is stunning

Gaze upon her all who are capable
From across the room she smiles graciously
Her elegance captivating everyone
Smile; Oh pretty one
Smile; for the world is yours
Smile; for you are glorious
Smile; for the glories of a thousand suns, rest at your feet

Watch her dance
She fills the room with her aura
The audience is caught in her beauty
Every step is pristine
Every wave, golden
She walks on clouds, and the stars are her jewel
She is amazing and, and the world can comprehend her not

Dance you princess. Dance!
For today is your day of glory, and it shines brighter as time goes by
Your glory fills every moment with your magnificence
The hearts of all are amazed by you
May your joy last for all eternity
May your joy sooth the hearts of the broken
May your heart, lead many to light
May your graciousness, bring comfort to the broken
Dance, oh beautiful one
Dance for the world rejoices with you
Dance, for you are a blessing to this earth
Dance, you beautiful bride
For joy has come to a new home
Dance; for never has a groom been this blessed
Dance; for today is your day of glory
And tomorrow, your glory will rise even higher


This weight

Those knees are bruised and bleeding
I plead with you. Get off them
Lift them from the hard surface they rest
Ease the pain off them; for they scream in agony
Lift them up from the ground, for they have endured much
Let them suffer no more
Let them see rest
Lift them off the ground, for they have more walking to do


A mighty weight has fallen on them
These knees were never meant for this
My feet have given up, and I now rest low
Life has struck again, and the strength has ebbed away from my legs
I feel closer to the earth, and I wish not to get up
Leave me here!
Let your vision soar over me
For on these knees, I choose to mourn my defeat

This agony of disappointment is too heavy
The theft of satisfaction is done, and this heart has grown weary
Who can lift this sorrow of my shoulder?
For defeat seems to have taken abode in me
My veins are drained of blood
They run now with fragments of my broken dreams
Tearing every sliver of hope that remained
Who can deliver me from this pain?

My knees hurt but I still cant get up
The weight of disappointment is heavy on me
My soul is pressed down by this burden
I am weary of progress
My senses are filled with the smell of failure
Leave me here to sleep out this darkness
For light seems estranged from me
Leave me! I am too tired to get off these knees
Let my penitence come from this
From my bruised and bleeding knees

Sing my darling

Sing to me a new song
Sing, my darling
For your voice is pleasant to my ear
It soothes my heart, and makes this world bright
It softens my soul, and makes colourful, the world
Sing my dear; for your sound, my heart deeply desires

Serenade this dire world with your voice
Let it pierce through the chaos we call life
Let your sounds calm this troubled planet
For the beauty you manifest is magical
And only such magic can cure the vile off this world
Sing, for this world is in need of your serenade

Let your voice sail through these hearts
Let it intoxicate the people
Fill their minds with serenity
And let it serenade their hearts to good
Sing of your soul, my dear
Sing, that its brightness may fill the darkened hearts

Sing for my soul, my dear
For the worries of this world have troubled it much
They, along with trials, have stolen its peace
They have filled it with despair unending
It is desperate for salvation
It is desperate for peace

Sing for my soul
That it may be comforted
Sing to it, that it may, once again, breathe life
It longs, through day and night, for your voice
And for you comfort, it waits
Sing; For my soul deeply desires you


Blessed be you
For your voice lightens this darkened world
And to the troubled, it brings peace
Sing, that the despaired may find restitution
And joy may be apportioned the saddened
Sing, my dear, for it is a thing of beauty, and this world doth lack it

Fear patience

Walk in patience, my dear
For it is the attribute of kings
That in the day of desire
Understanding will take precedence
And in the storms of need
May calm be all encompassing
This is the walk for queens and kings
The sceptre upon which they rule

Fear patience
For with its presence, is only in the deep longing
One cannot hold claim to patience,
Unless having gone through the battle of nerves
And one cannot lay claim to its virtue
Unless through the agony of desire
For the badge of patience, rests only on the breast of those who’ve contended
And patience only lends itself to the heart that wrestled with eagerness

Fear the gift of patience
For its arrival is only in the storm
That one having sat still in the midst of the rumbling herd
And endured the scorn inflicted by one’s own mind
Will in the face of one’s strength
Choose the path of better understanding
And in understanding, guide patience to sprout
And in understanding, guard patience, diligently

Dread the battle for patience
For it rages within the heart
For the body has the muscles to fight its battles
But the conflicts of the mind, run unchained
They lay siege on one’s ego
And charge at it viciously
That its walls may be breached
And one’s temper, floods the streets

Seek this patience
For it is the virtue of kings
Its raises queens above kingdoms
And makes wise, fools
Seek patience
Surge through the battles that lay on its path
For patience lies not on the other side
But within the fiery storm

Walk together

Come, let us walk together
Thought our steps differ, our hearts can be one
Walk with me through this day
For your companionship is desired
Let us thread this lonely path together
For I am scared of the isolation
The lonely cracking of steps terrify me
Let your words lighten up the road
For the darkness is haunting
Let your presence pervade the surrounding
Fill this path with your aura
Do this, that I may not be alone
So silence will cease to choke me
And solitude, terrorise me no more

Come, let me walk with you
Let me speak words that will warm your heart
For these days are cold and lonely
Let your ideas be strengthened by my doubt
Let me be your ever critical companion
Let me walk with you that I may scare silence away
For it seeks to bring to demise, your sanity
May the night be terrified of two
I can speak, or give reflection precedence in our company
Let me make smiles rise in your heart
Or comfort, rest on your back
Together, seclusion is reprimanded
And to the abyss it will remain
For I walk with you, as you with me

Come, walk beside me
There is room for your presence
And that I desire
Be my guide; as I, yours
For in the strength of two, is tenacity fortified
And in the company of another, is fortitude established
This path is lonely and desolate
And only with you, my friend
Are its perils, bearable

The absolutes for false and truth

To declare as false
One must have knowledge of all
In that false and true, are absolutes
And only when one holds in hand, total knowledge
Can an object be placed in either
Only when I know all
Can I judge all

To make true or false, my eyes must behold all
Therefore, I must peer into light and darkness
Because in darkness, can truth sometimes cower
And in its crevices, the tipping fact be lost
So the mind of the judge must, of all, see
And his ears, must off all words, entertain
That truth may be born from a totality of knowledge

For truth is not like sadness
Neither is false like excitement
For matters of the heart waver like ships on seas
Their relativity diminishes their predictability
Such matters are difficult to explain
But truth is truth is truth
An false is, likewise, false

How then can my words be true?
Unless the author possesses knowledge of all
For in a stake to establish truth
The futility of knowledge has been exposed
For knowledge is possessed in parts
And in little fragments, is wisdom attained
And in that, the lack of absolutes is expounded
For none knows all

Except the maker of all

The bosom of gravity

Toss it up in the air
Let your palms open up and be free
May its content fall to the ground
For gravity is the master of all
And to its rule do all things succumb
Its control is on all, and it is impartial
It is neither forceful nor liberal
For it allows the dictates of life interfere with its purpose
It holds the rock, and the feather
And on both it calls to the earth
But the wind snatches the feather from its grip
It sends it up to the skies, and fills its mind with the illusion of freedom
Gravity never falters
Gravity never fades
It remains steadfast and gratuitous
It lets the paper dance in its new found euphoria
And alas, the glories of the dance is intoxicating
Gravity enjoys the spectacle
For time is no lord of it
And patience is no stranger in its keep
And when the wind is captivated by sleep
Then, like a patient master, waiting for his servant’s return
The feather falls back home
Into the loving hand of gravity
Where it will lie in peace
Gravity never hastens
Gravity is never brash

Now, look upon life
Look upon the pride that bolsters man
For it makes one great, and gives wings to the other
It lets the lame run; even to the ends of the earth
The mighty fly, and the adventurer soars
Their hearts thumps in its cavity
For excitement and vitality, fills their veins
And this pride declares its host a king
But gravity waits
Patient in its dealings, enduring in its resolve
For when the wind fades, and pride turns in for the night
The host will fall back to the open arms of gravity
And in his bosom will one lay to rest
Rest under the ceaseless pull of gravity

A tenatious world

The world hits hard, and it never lets up
Its grip is steadfast even in the face of the defeated
For its cruelty is unwavering
It remains relentlessly on the offensive
Working the demise of its patrons
It cracks its whip, and sends terror through the heart of the many
Of the meek and defiant, it punishes without bias
It rules over the strong and weak alike; never discriminating
It repeatedly serves each a new bout of agony
A new one even before the the first is done

This world is a master like no other
Its propensity to push man to the ground is limitless
Strike after strike, it attacks
Waiting for the strong to double over in pain
And with a mouth filled with agony, give up
It stands over the fallen; impassive
And again, sends their skull deeper into the ground
For its victory is not in the breaking of man
No! Its victory lies in the continual torment of people
A cruel master like none has ever seen before

Who can stand in the face of such cruelty?
Step up! That your resolve may be broken
For even the strongest of warriors have lost on many fronts
And the mighty at will, have succumbed
Your resolve is not victory
Neither is your tenacity, success
For the world; the cruel master, seeks that from you
It desires the resolute; a fighter that never quits
That it may be kept entertained
Till its ally, death, comes for his prize