For royals & royals

To persist over time is a good thing
To persist in love is a better thing
To hold on through the troubles, is glorious
To strive till fruition, is blessed
And to stand tall, is for royals

For beauty filled your day
And the night, filled with sparkles
The petals fluttered to the grounds
As he swirled her around
This is the beauty he has won

Her face shone radiant in the night
Her beauty, defiant of the day
Her smile was the glory of the living
Her testimony, the story on every lips
A crown to her husband, she is

To persist for a queen is a noble quest
To persist for a king is glory in itself
To hold his heart, is a feat for only the fairest
To guard your heart, dear princess, is the jewel of a princes
And her glory, will shine forever


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