A precious friend

Come sit with me, my dear friend
Rest your head on my shoulder
And let the serenity of the moment, fill your mind
Sit. In silence or with words
Let us listen to songs, or bask in the stillness
Let the moment fill you with peace

I see you smile, and I am pleased
Your day is now, and the future, your playground
For you have, through time, wrestled for this smile you hold
And through the trenches, you’ve marched
How proud I am to know you
To sit with you, and listen to you smile

Come, sit with me my dear friend
You are a blessing in a dire world
Your joy is more precious than gold
Your company, forever a desire to me
Rest your head on my shoulder
And tell me once more, of your many victories

That the light of life went dim for two moments
And the walk became a crawl
Yet you pressed through
With courage, you crawled through it all
Blessed be you perseverance, for it has brought us together
You, my dear friend, are most precious to me


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  1. cyrahazel · November 5, 2015

    Reblogged this on Cyra HazelEyes.


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