The distance

Why has time kept us apart
Why has it been cruel to us?
For it has created this chasm
And in it, has silence taken refuge
That we may, of company, be deprived
And of companionship, be starved

Hold my hand again
Pull me over this gulf
Reinforce the bridges that connect us
Come closer as I pull you
This distance is damned
And this vastness is destructive

Serve your words, in response to mine
Fill my ears with your thoughts
Fill this void with your heart
As I pour in mine
And in the wake of time
May this void be engulfed by us

Don’t let this distance consume us
Fill your world with my presence, as I, yours
And may the distance be but an imagination
And may our absence, be no more than triviality
For I pray our hearts would never be lost
In the vastness of space that consumes


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