Admonitions of patience

Be patient, oh dear heart
Let your beat be that of calm
Do not gallop on with desire
Do not run off with anxiety
For they lead to pain and bitterness
And in them, will you find no rest

Pull the reins on the steed of your heart
Hold it with a firm hand
Caress it till calm takes over
Be gentle with it
For it is young and energetic
And its desires rule its actions

Bask in the moment, my dear heart
Do not let fear push you further
For it fills your muscles with adrenaline
And the tremble will subside not
Logic will be estranged
And hastiness will take its place

Seek calm, my dear heart
Seek it dearly
And in your quest, do not be brash
Do not be injudicious in your dealings
Let peace and wisdom be your companions
And a calm spirit, you host

I admonish you, my dear heart
Be patient

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