The dismality of truth

Hunker down with me
Bury your head in the dirt with me
Hide your face from the sun
Turn away from the living with me
For reality is cruel, and this world is destructive
Dwell in this illusion with me
Let us feast on this mushroom that fosters illusions
For the truth is daunting, and my heart can bare no more of it

Don’t despise my heart for its desires
Do not disregard my plea as cowardice
For I have seen the future
I have beheld the time that is to come
I have witnessed a taste of the heart of man
And I confirm it is foul to the tongue
The dark clouds, for a long time, have been here
There is no hope. There is no way out

We stand at the foot of this mounting
Ill equipped for the journey, and famished from the valley
Armies oppose us with tremendous courage
Their repertoire is immaculate
The battles from our inside are equally as crippling
Broken love, and withered trusts are the tapestry
Courage, now a little child cowers in recluse
How then can we succeed?

The skies are gray and hope is for fools
Reality crushes the beautiful flower, but the thorns grow and fill the land
The wise and the fool fall to the same demise
And justice is estranged
Who then, is life fair to?
How does valor benefit the fighter?
This dismal land we live in is treacherous, and consuming
And true smiles belong only to the illusioned

Come. Bury your head with me
Slip into the bliss of ignorance
For reality is daunting
And our hearts can bear it no more


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