The bosom of gravity

Toss it up in the air
Let your palms open up and be free
May its content fall to the ground
For gravity is the master of all
And to its rule do all things succumb
Its control is on all, and it is impartial
It is neither forceful nor liberal
For it allows the dictates of life interfere with its purpose
It holds the rock, and the feather
And on both it calls to the earth
But the wind snatches the feather from its grip
It sends it up to the skies, and fills its mind with the illusion of freedom
Gravity never falters
Gravity never fades
It remains steadfast and gratuitous
It lets the paper dance in its new found euphoria
And alas, the glories of the dance is intoxicating
Gravity enjoys the spectacle
For time is no lord of it
And patience is no stranger in its keep
And when the wind is captivated by sleep
Then, like a patient master, waiting for his servant’s return
The feather falls back home
Into the loving hand of gravity
Where it will lie in peace
Gravity never hastens
Gravity is never brash

Now, look upon life
Look upon the pride that bolsters man
For it makes one great, and gives wings to the other
It lets the lame run; even to the ends of the earth
The mighty fly, and the adventurer soars
Their hearts thumps in its cavity
For excitement and vitality, fills their veins
And this pride declares its host a king
But gravity waits
Patient in its dealings, enduring in its resolve
For when the wind fades, and pride turns in for the night
The host will fall back to the open arms of gravity
And in his bosom will one lay to rest
Rest under the ceaseless pull of gravity


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