Let me warm my way into your heart

Let me warm my way into your heart
Let your fears ebb away with each passing moment
Let welcome, be your countenance of me
For I desire to sit with you
I desire, that you may laugh at my comedy
I desire, that you may feel safe with me

Cast away distrust from your heart
For it intrudes on our company
Let comfort be the aura I bring
Let our hearts know peace
That in calm we may both grow in love
Grow, to know dearly, each other’s heart

You are precious and lovely
A blessing to behold and a pleasure to be with
You warm the hearts of many
Your excitement is contagious
And your tears bring all to your feet
I pray you feel peace when you are with me

Forgive my excitement
Forgive my uncontrolled enthusiasms
For I have dreamed of my company being welcomed
Forgive my presumptions
And accept my sincerity
I offer it to you as the humblest of gestures

Laugh my sweet one
Laugh you lovely one
Let this joy fill your soul
Laugh, for only in that, do I know you are pleased
In your laughter, I am assured of your comfort
And in that, I know you are happy

That, makes my heart elated


Set your heart a’sail

Set your heart a’sail1
You dear friend of rigid ways
Let it drift in the open waters
Let the stars watch over it
Let waves toss it about
And let it suffer the wrought of the storm
Let its crevices be filled with water
Let desperation save it from drowning
And on this journey, let it find what it desires

Set your heart on this voyage
Set it on the path, unknown
Let adventure find it
Let a quest intercept its routine
Let distractions trot about its path
Let it smile
Let it cry
Let it be elated
Let it be enraged

Set this heart a’sail my dear friend
Lift its sail, that it may catch the strong wind
Let it drift on the still waters
And of its reflection in the deep, let it be fascinated
Let it dream of new fantasies
And by them, a tale could emerge
Let your heart experience sensations anew
My dear friend, let you heart sail
For the open waters call to it

1 A’sail – To sail

The loneliness of responsibility

Through time the figure grew
From the tiny child of yesterday
Now, a mighty warrior in tomorrow
The shoulders broad and mighty
Those arms are the shelter for strength
Look on this one
For in his ways are thought to be, the acts of wisdom

For in yesterday, your actions were a pleasure
But now; now they carry their weight
That you should hold dear one’s actions
And your thoughts, be made a secret
For in size, did one increase
In thought, is one inspired
And in action, is one assessed

This path of the mighty one seems desolate
For all steps taken are measured
Mercy was spent on the days that are gone
That on today, shall judgment be vested
Vested on the deeds executed
Vested on the deeds neglected
Vested on the potentials held by one

And this mighty one,
Now grown, walks in his chosen path
And from sunrise to sunset
The voices of those who once cheered, now howl:

“Guard your steps diligently; for they are yours to choose
Guard you mouth dutifully; for these words are yours to make
Guard your thoughts devotedly; for they shall order your steps
Guard your heart with all you’ve got; for once lost, may remain such, forever”

But his heart is heavy, and his shoulder remain slumped
Burdened by the weight of his thought and actions
Forever bound under this weight of responsibility
For he desires the time of yesterday
When ever step was applauded with praise
And every fall was laid on the feet of many
To be shared with this many

But now; now the actions are his to bear
And on his back do they lie
Never shared, never letting off
For each action is attributed to him, and judged for itself
Each though, a victim and prosecutor of itself
Responsibility is a road crafted for only one
This path is lonely path

Blessed be the unbroken

Hard is the aftermath of a scar
For they toughen the heart upon which they lie
An open flesh must heal
And a broken heart will beat again
Beat to a new rhythm; Cautious and anxious
Healed to a new surface; Toughened and hardened

For each cut breaks me open
Vulnerable to fresh pain
A new victim to fresh hurt
But I heal up. I always heal up
A circle that never ends
Healed to be broken; Broken to be healed

Wake up from your pain
Rise from the pool off blood
For your heart is soaked in this red
And you look filthy
Wake and ready yourself
For a broken heart will return to normalcy
Return to an ever brittle soul
That it may once again be crushed
And to be ripped open, it will
That it may heal, and become stronger
Dense to new advances
Uninviting to new encounters

Blessed is the one who has not known this pain
For trust is home to such with a heart
Ever so tender; Flesh so soft
Devoid of scare, and stranger to pain
Blessed be such, for it can love unhindered
And unwithheld is the passion it bequeaths

The cost of your joy

What is the cost of your joy?
On whose back does you smile ride?
How hard does the whip crack, to bring pleasure to you?
At whose demise is your satisfaction attained?
For I see in your eyes
An un-quenching flame of desire
A sparkle shines bright in those eyes
And in its luminance, it blinds you to humanity

Why does anger, flood though your veins?
Why does your heart, burn hot with dissatisfaction?
Is the fruit of your need, more precious than communion?
Is the fulfilment of you desire, more enticing than company?
For you blurt out your heart, and leave it in view
Your words, filled with longing, cuts through the peace
That you may emerge on the other side
Clothed with the garment of your design

Stand on the hill
Stand there, for the sun shines on you
Stand tall, clothed in this garment of your desire
Stand there, amidst the fallen
For the hearts of many have been cut down before you
The desires of other, trampled upon
For the princess desire her crown
Oh yes, the princess desire her crown beyond all else

Stand on the hill
May your eyes forever look high
For sorrow lies beneath your view
And the remnants of peace, lay below your vision
May the gift of you heart, never fade
May its satisfaction, forever be enough
Least your need, sets it sight on another hill
And the joy of others, be again, cut down



Forgive my silence

Forgive this silence, for it is encompassing
The words are few and miniscule
My countenance is reserved
Attention is non-engaging
Forgive me, for it is not of my desire

The words inside are chaotic
Tossed about in a whirlwind os some sort
Images, ideas, and concept
All a cacophony that fills my head
And I seem not to have a hand on it

Forgive this demeanour
For there is the only i’ve got now
The calm is not born of a haughty heart
Neither is the silence, a sign of disrespect
But rather, it is the facade of a troubled mind

I pray this storm would end
I welcome the silence without, within
That my spirit may be lifted
And my heart, excited
For peace makes a soul flourish
It brings good health to a sickened body
And it grows a smile on my face
Fill this heart with peace
Fill it with calm
That it may bring forth, good fruit

This bridge and path

Look on this path before me
It is calm and lonely
Solitude envelopes this road
The air is still
Silence guards its sides
Silence guards its sides

This bridge lies before me
This bridge lies between us
And the prospects are daunting
For I am crippled with fear
My thoughts are in disarray
And my confidence has ebbed away

I look on this path before me
The bridge from me to you
I shiver at the prospect of walking back to hear
Without you by my side
I shiver at the prospect of failing to go over
Due to the crippling strength of fear

I look to this bridge before me
It sure has grown since I last blinked
It feeds on time and fear
It mocks and derides me
It taunts and threatens me
Run! Run! Run! Run!

I look at this bridge before me
And it keeps me from you
Form your ever warm embrace
For your voice and comfort
I shiver at the prospect of walking back to here
I fear the thought of your rejection may be true

Smile, you beautiful one

Smile, you beautiful one
For your glory is for now and tomorrow
May your heart be elated, you queen
For the joys of this world rests at your feet
Sing in excitement, you beautiful one
For the fruit of this, would belong to you
Sing words of wisdom
For of its abundance, have you been conceived
Sing out loud, for you exude knowledge in your lyrics
And by the words of you mouth, are many blessed
Dance with glory
For your creator is pleased with you

May love clothe you in its beauty
May honor be your company
And in the arms of loyalty, may you rest your head
For your splendor is a gift to this earth
And of the earths gratitude, will your days be filled
Filled with the fruit of its ground, and the treasures of its caves
Filled with the brightness of its sun
Filled with the melody of nature
Filled with the beauties of its meadows
Filled to its brim with tranquility
May your heart be warmed in the coldest day
And in times of solitude, may a gentle song serenade you
My it guide your thoughts to creativity
And may your heart always find peace in its time of trouble.

Smile, you beautiful one
For your glory is for now and tomorrow

This little flame

Put your palms around mine
Help guard this flame
For it is tender and easily snuffed out
It can barely stand the travails of life
Its gentleness is its demise
Guard it with me
For it is my heart

Put your palm around this gentle flame
Protect it from the wickedness that is about
Bring about its safety
That it may shine in this darkness
And bring light to our soul
Let it warm the hearts of others
And bring delight to their soul

Do not let neglect hurt this flame
Do not leave it unattended
For it will definitely be snuffed out
The hard wind rages against it
It shoves it around in hopes of extinguishing it
Please save it from such cruelty
Please save it from such demise

Put your palm around this flame
For it is my heart
Guard it with me
Help me, for it is tender and fragile
Help me protect this flame
For it dances innocently to the music of the wind
And its hope is still innocent
Breathe gently around it
Do not let the reality of loneliness ambush it
Do not let the cruelty of desolation burn it out
Guard this flame with me
Gently put your palms around mine
For not only does the flame need your protection
But my palms need your touch

A quest and desperation

They will rise out of the deep
And from the depths of darkness will they sprout
Do not search, for it is not to be found
Abandon your quest, for its end is futility and lethargy
Let it lie, for it desires its own time
For all who seek and find, find mystery
And in the search, one’s heart may clasp unto false
And in desire, one’s vision may be tunnelled

So, let your heart find its way
The wonderer often than not, finds love
And the adventurer is blessed with companionship
That their hearts may be forever elated
For their joy soothes the earth
And the earth will not neglect them
It gifts them with love, and furnishes their heart with company
That they may grow from joy to joy
And in strength, fend off despair

Do not let a heart that is downcast, lead thy journey
Do not sail on the floods of tears
For its waves are treacherous
They lead one’s heart to perdition
They Anchor one’s soul in tribulation
The fruit of their labour is thorny
And its nectar, burns the inside of one’s throat
For desperation will eventually leave a heart in the dark

Let time do its work
Let fate smile in its time
For he who pushes the arm of the clock, shall end in desolation
Such a heart will be saddened by fate
And in sorrow, will such, lay his bed
For desperation clouds the vision of the wise
And it starves the heart of reason
Yes. Desperation drives the heart to sorrow