Words from the deep

Let the smile curl up my face
Let the tears run down my cheek
Let the shiver run up my spine
Let the hair stand at alert
Let the calm creep into my flesh
Let the courage surge through my bones
Let the strength come back into me
Let the world look small again
Let my heart pump fast again
Let optimism flow through my veins
Let rest flow through my body
Let comfort, again, reside in me
Let life come back again

For this heart stands at the edge
Its prompting lies in words
It beckons in silence, for the prompting you hold
Fill its containers, with words that edify
Search the deeps for them
Do not let wariness be its urging
Or dispirit its counsel
Let your actions speak to it
Do not let the craze of existence tip it over
For life is no ally of the disheartened
Neither is rebuke
This heart looks to you, and listens for you
May your sound be encouraging to it
That the flowers may spring forth from the taste of new water
And may eyes flutter
As the air that uplifts flows
May courage be revived, and the heart quickened from its surge
May strength fill the muscles, and make the senses alert
May the joy of hope fill these eyes with tears
May the heart see clearly
And may rest abound in these bones

May your words brings life
Life, to this disheartened soul


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