Listen from compassion

For there are voices in the space
They speak in tones and volumes
They share hearts uncharted
They cry for understanding
They seek to be understood
Pay close attention
For, in your silence, may you find understanding

Fill your mouth with silence
Quiet down your mind
That the plight of others, may quicken compassion
And their words, may reveal a crying heart
Let not your thoughts assault the broken
And you heart, be spiteful of the fallen
Rather, cast out condemnation from your abode
And may the spring of life, bring forth fresh water

Do not let knowledge cloud your vision
Nor wit, blind your minds eye
For the pain that destroys is quite
A master of disguise
Hiding under smiles and dances
Clothed in noise and colours
Pay attention
For your eagerness may impair your vision

Do not be quick to advice
Neither be miserly with love
For the caring shoulder is an abode of safety
Soothing to the fractured soul
Far better than the wisest of words
And the warm hug heals the wounded heart
For it gives strength to the remnants of hope
That it may again, sprout with new life

Be generous with compassion
Be relentless in love
Be wise in understanding
Let patience fill your hearts
And may kindness be its pillars
And above all
Listen with diligence
For only in that, can two hearts, quicken each other


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