A need to need

Fill me with desire
Let my heart be engulfed by longing
Take my mind with you
Do not let me be satisfied
For I want to want you
And I want to be thrilled by you
Take me on this trip
That my expectation shall be quickened

Drench my heart with this reach for you
Let my life chase after you
For it desires you as a purpose
My eyes seek to be stuck on you
Pull it to you, I bid
Pull my gaze to you
And likewise, my heart
Do not let me wonder
For I am prone to such

Take my heart with you
Lead me through the travails that may steal me
Keep my heart in your bosom
That It may know only your safety
Be gentle with it
Please be good to it
I wish to believe that you are my safety
My heart wishes to seek nothing else
Not even the finest of company

Fill me with a desire for you
Here, steal my heart
I offer it to you
Do as you wish
But please be good to it
For I desire to be lost in you
Fill me with a need for you
For my heart deeply wishes, to desire only you


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