Drowning salvation

Don’t let this salvation be the anchor that drowns me
Do not tie your words to my foot
For it will restrains me
And I will sink to my death
May your outstretched arm save me from drowning
And may the life that forthwith ensues, be blessed

Do not let my survival be riddled with torment
And may your gift, not become a burden on my back
May your love, not become a weight that keeps me under
Do not string me up with the guilt of my ways
Do not let your rescue, be a reminder of my failures
Do not make my survival, my torture

May your saving give me life
May it fill me with vitality
That I may, of each day, wake with joy
And in that, see the beautiful sun
May you be forever praised by my heart
And may the memory of you, be blessed

Here is my arm
Pull me out of this state that drowns me
Pull me out of the shame that I am trapped in
I trust you with my survival
I trust you with my pride
Do not make this salvation, the beginning of my demise


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