Estranged silence

I am devoid of sound
Silence has moved in with me
Its company surrounds me
It acquaintance has clothed me
What a life I am bound to live
What a life I have been consigned to

Where has the melody gone?
Why has your music departed from me?
Why has it left me in a desolate pile?
Nothing but a memory is all I have left
A memory that fizzles by with every second
A memory that reminds me of the sound I am lacking

Why did you ever come?
Why did you choose to fill my ears with your beauty?
I was home with the silence
And the solitude was ally to me
Till your presence deprived them of abode
And their rooms, did you occupy

Now they are back here
And on their face, I see enmity
They wish me harm
They wish me no peace
For our company, have they been envious of
And our union has been their desire

Come back, and fill this place
Let you heart fill this house
For this silence is all encompassing
Let you presence warm this place
That the cold silence, may forever be estranged
Estranged from this house you lived


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