A new stranger inside

I hear the sound of me
And alas, I am a stranger to these words
Where has my reason gone?
Who is this stranger that lives here?
For a new stranger breathes through these nostrils
These habits are new to me
These ways are distinct from mine
I feel a heart, and it beats differently
A stranger has stolen my life
And from my body, he is living it

Who are you dear stranger?
I love your company, and your ideas intrigue me
You fascinate me in your ways
And I peer at your thoughts with curiosity
Do you see mine?
Do you too, wonder how I am?
For your life is a thrill, and I do not oppose it
Speak to me, that I may understand you
For I seek to know you more
And to know your plans

Our similarity is striking
But you seem older in your ways
Your levelheadedness is overbearing
Let go of control you stranger, and speak with me
Or am I too childish for you?

Your ways are, I admit, more thoughtful
Do you seek adventure?
Do you look at me with suspicion?
Am I a threat to you?
Tell me what you desire
Do we need to set boundaries?
Please, forgive my curiosity
I am unashamedly intrigued by you
I am childish, I admit, and your presence fascinates me
Are you here to stay forever?

How did you get in here?
Were you born or did you move in?
Have you always resided here?
Or is this the product of an invasion?
Seat with me, let us reason together
For we seem bound in this body
In it, our minds cohabit
And none of us is chanced to leave
Speak to me, dear stranger that lives in me
For I wish to know you more


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