The wait

The stillness is troubled by my anxiety
It ripples around me violently
The thumping of my heart quakes the silence
It cracks the solitude that envelopes me
Fingers cracking, heart palpating
Feet lightly tapping, palms repeatedly rubbing each other
There is a strong sense of unease
It is thick and choking
There is a strong sense of unease
This wait is going to be a pain

Looking at yesterday, I see the last trace of assurance
It rested in my hands calmly
The feeling of certainty; Beautiful. Reassuring
Blessed be the time that has gone by
Blessed be the moments where I had my seed
Blessed be the sense of knowing
For yesterday, I was at peace
And I was blissful
But my seed is gone
My seed is now sown

All I have now is this encompassing wait which I battle
This wait; A long string from yesterday till finitude
Stretches from oblivion to oblivion
I am unassured of a definite day or outcome
This uncertainty is unnerving
This stings is long. I have seen others run by me
The length of this string scares me
I can not run, or walk
This string carries me along and I cannot resist
This string is time, It length is the wait

When would tomorrow come?
When would this rope reach it fullness?
I am weary of this wait
For like an overbearing lover, it rests on me
It squeezes me in an endearing hug
My breath is spent
Please birth my patience
Feed it so it may, when grown, tend to me
May it grow fast, that I may not neglect it
May patience tend to me in my wait

The rope lingers from yesterday till tomorrow
And on this rope I seat, in wait
May I not grow weary
May patience tend to me
That I may see my seed in the fullness of time
In the fullness of tomorrow


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