The moment of introspection

And eyes all around, pierced my soul
Minds strangled me with thoughts
These expectations thickened
The music played louder
The lights shone brighter
The glitter sparked continually
Be of great cheer
Drown out the times with celebration
You are of the moment
And the moment is electrified

But my heart is not of great cheer
The air is not electrified
My heart is rather away
It is distant
A victim of endless introspection
For it assesses the days that trod by
And the nights are same
Introspection ushers me into sleep
And my days, it lays before me, in same fashion

For what is life devoid of accountability?
What is time devoid of impeccable use?
Is not every moment a gift to be used wisely?
Therefore, bless these moments with efficiency
May my days be productive
And may my nights, replenish my strength
Let my labor be the source of good produce
Let my fruit be the tastiest
And of the sweetness, must I strive for more
For my mind gives no rest
Introspection gives no respite
But commands that my shoulder be in view at all times
And retrospect, be always at hand

And for this, it places me in a place of solitude
That in the face of celebration, I am calm
In the moment of jubilation, I am comport
This, I must insist, is not from dissatisfaction
No! Far be it from me, that my heart be ungrateful
But the moment of introspection seems ever present
And it calls me to duty, at all times
That bad be made good, and good be made perfect
Yes! The moment of introspection, is ever present


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