The cost of your joy

What is the cost of your joy?
On whose back does you smile ride?
How hard does the whip crack, to bring pleasure to you?
At whose demise is your satisfaction attained?
For I see in your eyes
An un-quenching flame of desire
A sparkle shines bright in those eyes
And in its luminance, it blinds you to humanity

Why does anger, flood though your veins?
Why does your heart, burn hot with dissatisfaction?
Is the fruit of your need, more precious than communion?
Is the fulfilment of you desire, more enticing than company?
For you blurt out your heart, and leave it in view
Your words, filled with longing, cuts through the peace
That you may emerge on the other side
Clothed with the garment of your design

Stand on the hill
Stand there, for the sun shines on you
Stand tall, clothed in this garment of your desire
Stand there, amidst the fallen
For the hearts of many have been cut down before you
The desires of other, trampled upon
For the princess desire her crown
Oh yes, the princess desire her crown beyond all else

Stand on the hill
May your eyes forever look high
For sorrow lies beneath your view
And the remnants of peace, lay below your vision
May the gift of you heart, never fade
May its satisfaction, forever be enough
Least your need, sets it sight on another hill
And the joy of others, be again, cut down




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