The loneliness of responsibility

Through time the figure grew
From the tiny child of yesterday
Now, a mighty warrior in tomorrow
The shoulders broad and mighty
Those arms are the shelter for strength
Look on this one
For in his ways are thought to be, the acts of wisdom

For in yesterday, your actions were a pleasure
But now; now they carry their weight
That you should hold dear one’s actions
And your thoughts, be made a secret
For in size, did one increase
In thought, is one inspired
And in action, is one assessed

This path of the mighty one seems desolate
For all steps taken are measured
Mercy was spent on the days that are gone
That on today, shall judgment be vested
Vested on the deeds executed
Vested on the deeds neglected
Vested on the potentials held by one

And this mighty one,
Now grown, walks in his chosen path
And from sunrise to sunset
The voices of those who once cheered, now howl:

“Guard your steps diligently; for they are yours to choose
Guard you mouth dutifully; for these words are yours to make
Guard your thoughts devotedly; for they shall order your steps
Guard your heart with all you’ve got; for once lost, may remain such, forever”

But his heart is heavy, and his shoulder remain slumped
Burdened by the weight of his thought and actions
Forever bound under this weight of responsibility
For he desires the time of yesterday
When ever step was applauded with praise
And every fall was laid on the feet of many
To be shared with this many

But now; now the actions are his to bear
And on his back do they lie
Never shared, never letting off
For each action is attributed to him, and judged for itself
Each though, a victim and prosecutor of itself
Responsibility is a road crafted for only one
This path is lonely path


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