A joy from joy to joy

Watch me tremble
For there was fear living in my soul
It ravaged my body
And of my strength, did it feast on
I was weak and unable
My muscles ached and failed me
My limbs shook, and my joints rattle
Now you see the failings I have come to live with

But here is another story
One you should be interested in
One with a twist
For in my rise, I found fear meddling excitement
My heart was dancing to a different tune
For the fear had shaken it too much
And yes, it has turned the shake to a dance
One born of the earth and stars

Never has joy seemed this pleasant
Never has my heart been this elated
For in my wake, the sun greets me
And in my dance, hearts are lifted
Is not that the epitome of happiness?
Is not that worth the life I am living?
That of my joy is your joy that is my joy
An enigma of joy

For my arms were weak
And my soul was heavy
I was made flawed; broken from a start
Emptiness filled me, and with it, sadness
But you found in me, joy
Buried deep within; Lost and secluded
And that made you smile
And of your smile, has my joy risen
You found your joy in me;
And that joy, made me whole






And we lay supine

And we lay supine
Our backs to the earth
Like streams, time and air passes over us
Calm is the night
Tucked in by the arms of solace
For we are of one heart
And it is beautiful

Chest rising and falling to a steady rhythm
There is calm in me
It floods my nerves
And my senses are at ease
Never has solace been found in the presence of another
Never has such been
Till this moment we share

Let the worries of today be at bay
Let the fear of tomorrow keep its distance
For my heart chooses to bask in this moment
And my eyes wish to see only this time
For you are here with me
For you, my dear, are here with me
And the day is complete

As we lay supine
Let time let us be
Let the earth hold our dreams up
Let serenity envelope us
And the chaos be at bay
For I love this feeling
And in it, I desire to stay

The propensity for good and evil

Strength is not given of good or evil
Neither is one’s capacity, to right or wrong
For the ability of one, only makes room
Talent, is only a force to be driven
Does not a swing back, propel the axe harder?
And does not the stretch of the bow, send further the arrow
Is not the jump commensurate to the stomp?
And the breath, equal to the wail?
For in receding, is room for more made

Now, let wisdom be to him who seeks it
Let knowledge be to him who inquires
For none is born good and bad
None is made better suited for right or wrong
But in the expansion of bounds
In the magnification of capacities, lies the possibilities
That one’s competence grows, not only for good
Not only for for evil, is one’s strength increased
But the heart chooses what path to trod
It chooses where to go
For to one’s heart, a man says;
My strength shall lift this boulder
And the other says, a strong arm shall I put on the oppressed
For both are of equal strength
Both are primed for exploits
But their heart differs

Therefore, guard with diligence, your heart
Let the spring of life, be well kept
For boundaries will grow, and strengths, rise
Capacities will be expanded, and competences, increased
But the heart within, steers the arm
And the spirit of the man, leads his steps
For the heart that basks in the walk of good, will of good, pursue
But he who dwells in the darkness, will do its bidding


How can two run

I watched them run
Together, their steps aligned, for their hearts were one
The bond of friendship held them tight
And in it, did they find comfort
For the days were gray and cold
The tears flowed and the hearts sank
And on the other’s shoulder did each rest
For relief lay in their arms
And in there did they bask
That their hearts may forever grow
And in words unspoken, they found solace

And so they ran together
In synch and in speed
Till one day he slowed to tie his laces
Do not trip my friend
Do not fall at this time
For the race is upon you
And your companion is like the wind
Never still, never in wait
Lace your shoe up, for your time is fast spent
But in the moment he reached up
For his hands lingered but there was none to touch

Where has your companion gone?
Where is the one you run with?
For all of man have seen your footsteps
And your company is known to all?
Did not two run in agreement?

And in the solace of the moment
His eyes fell to the earth
For understanding now overwhelmed him
And his heart turned heavy from the realisation
For these two hearts never ran
No! they were only companion whilst on the same path
They were, only while one chased
And with much effort did one chase
Now time is spent on days gone by
And this heart is picking up its laces
For the race is different now

How can two run together, unless they agree?
How can two run together, unless it is a chase?
How can two run together, unless their hearts are alike?
How can two run together?

Good for good

That I walk the fine line
A path, desolate and desired
Perfect in its self; A tribute to glory
That my footstep be laced in holiness
And my heart be without reproach
This is the desire of me
For by good do I dream of living
And to do its bidding do I dream

But the walk is hard
It rips out the spirit out of a man, and casts his dreams to the earth
For all are cruel and haughty in their ways
Seeking the demise of other, so to trample on
That they may be lifted, on the shoulders of one
And on the foolishness of another, they should rise
For nothing is good; not even the heart of the king
For he searches for the weakness of my heart, and seeks to exploit it
That he may bury me in the night
And morn my absence with other; The perfection of deceit
Why then should good be done for such?
How then can such deserve good?

Is not the fruit of the farmer his due recompense?
Therefore he that sows my demise, must rip his
And he that causes another to fall, must fall alike
For no heart that plots evil deserves good
And no soul that dines with darkness should beacon on light

And so the earth turned dark
For good became a product of the heart of man
And the heart of man had turned evil
The light had departed from his being
And the sceptre of the weak and helpless, was taken away
For only the deserving, got good
Only the deserving attracted it

Do not be good for the glory on man
Do not, unto others be good, for their glory
Not even for your heart’s cheer
For such thirst fades
The cup will run full
And the wake of day will be filled with emptiness
For the heart is finite
And the ego is, but a cup

So I ask
Teach me to be good
That in its doing, is its being
A conundrum of itself
A dialectic in its own being
That for the good of good, goodness will emanate
For such a fountain is infinite
Such a spring runs through eternity

But does such a heart exist?
Is there nobility of such on this earth?
That one will commit himself to good irrespective of?
And one will tarry irreparably in good and not give up?
That is the heart of God
For man cannot comprehend such
Humanity is void of such uprightness
And the earth can no longer grow such perfection


The spark

I stood in the middle of the city
Staring blankly

And a small light came to life
Born of impulse; Born of serendipity
Its spark was attractive
Its glow was enticing
And its flame was contagious
For it burned on nothing
Living on a combustion of its own accord
It burned on, and this spark turned to life
It heated up the entrails of my being
From my soul to my body, it consumed in a thirst, un-quenching
For as the flames burned longer, my consciousness it consumed
It spread to my thoughts
It interrupted my actions
Once a spark, now a roaring flame
And it roars ferociously

The thumping of my heart quickened
For the flames burned the adrenaline
Forcing it viciously through my veins
I am a man being burnt alive
For my heart has been consumed by a spark; One so enticing
It burns hot the lens of my eyes
And now, I see the world in new light
I see the glory that tomorrow possesses
I see the infallibility of this flame
Now my arm burns bright
For the flames have spread thus far
The impulse to lift this arm goes unchallenged
This little spark seeks to be a torch
One that will lead many
As their world is turned to light

Here comes reality; Here comes time
Here come truth; Here comes responsibility
With chains they hold down my arm
With a pot, they cover the flame
“Leave me! You envious fools
Depart from me! You jealous ones
Let this spark live; Let it shine”
The words end as thoughts
For the truth engulfs me
What good is a spark without proper fuel?
What good is a flame, if not kindled thoughtfully?
For the arms of reality and time, lead the spark
The chains of thought and planning, are allies
To tether the loose spark
That it may not rage like a wild fire
But in precision, burn bright
And with direction serve mankind
For the spark of the creative, shines momentarily
But the flames of the one who plans, burns forever
Leading the oppressed; Guiding the adventurers
And after its life and death, it will send forth a new spark
One to another heart
That its glory may live forever

I stood in the middle of the city
Staring blankly
For I had just been filled with a new idea

The slipping present

The present is slipping before my eyes
And my fingers cannot lay hold to it
Each moment vanishes before experienced
Its weights though is ever present
How is one not living in the experience of now?
How is a mind absent from itself?
Is not the moment the only place one can be?
How can the present pass by before a heart can grasp it?

My eyes rest on the present
And its fruit are true in all its glamour
Its smell engulfs my senses
And I am overwhelmed by it
My fingers caress its surface
And the memory logs itself deep in me
But still, the moment slips through my fingers
Like air; never contained between these hands
For through the moment, my heart hold nothing
It remains vacant, only to feel a memory

Who has stolen the present from this heart?
Who has robbed it of the now?
For is not its emptiness the end of life?
That it lives in an age, yet is absent from the times
It neither is here not there
Neither then nor now
For only memories saturate it
Memories of a time unspent
Such, crowns it with sadness
For the beauty of the experience, lies in the present

I search for this heart
I search all around for this missing heart
I search in and out for it; But find only its absent
It neither is in the present, the past, nor the future
A mystery, it has turned out to be
For it nether dwells on the regrets of yesterday
Nor on the fortunes of tomorrow
Who know where it is gone to?
Who knows where else a heart may be?
I long for its return
Help find it!
That it may once again, return
Return to bask in the beauties of the present


A growing jigsaw

One after the other, they reached out and placed pieces
Some placed callously, some placed tenderly
Some, emerged from pockets
Others were gently held in arms before being laid
And so, the picture was becoming clearer
Each piece accentuating the image
For now I understood a lot better
I understood better, what I looked like

For I was in love, and she fitted some pieces
In hunger, another piece he put in place
On a trip, a phone call, a ride, or a random conversation; one more was put in
Each encounter adding a new piece to the puzzle
That in retrospect, when my heart glances over the growing picture
I can see each life and encounter
They lay spread across this puzzle in magnificence
A fitting tapestry of complexities

Some of them glistened, others were burnt
I ran my hands over them, and the ridges were filled with stories
With eyes closed, I relieved the memories
Life has been ugly, life has been beautiful
Though the puzzle had grown, the picture still remains incomplete
For the certainty bubbled in me
That tomorrow, you shall add a new piece
I may be on the verge of a new surprise, or the border of anguish

Let your piece be good
Let it bring joy to my heart
Let the memories created, always lift my heart
And the sensation, stretch a smile across my face
I am a jigsaw, made up of many pieces
Pieces you have put here
Please place a happy piece
That my puzzle may be bright and filled with good

A trade with time

He dreams of how his lights will go out
His heart ponders on the void beyond the vail
For by his own doing, his end has averted him
He has drawn an alliance with time
And hence camped out of its reach
And now his slumber has free reign
For time was never fair in the deal
His nights have been stolen
That in  the dark, he may search for slumber, and find it not
Now his heart wishes desperately
That the scythe of death will swing from on high
And that this torment of agelessness will leave him

Come back!
Take that which you have given me

He lifts himself from the cover
Tosses his robes on the floor
And stands under the moonlight
Tired and spent; Mad

Madness hovers on my periphery
For your gifts are bane
And your blessings are curses
You have lifted age from my bones
And my vision you have sharpened
But why bestow upon me such cruelty?
For my sleep! My dear sleep, have you withheld

He falls to the earth
And his shoulders are over come with sorrow
For his strength has given way to agony
and his heart, to disdain

Now my mind is driven to madness
My senses are driven to shambles
You have taken my beloved memory
You have turned them to torment
That they may haunt me in the moment of rest
Caution was admonished of me, but I was naïve
For I was full of trust and exuberance
Engulfed in my desire for eternity
Now cursed am I by my desperate heart
Damnation is home with me
This have my hands brought upon me
That my mind may be broken by the arm of stress
And a slave to time I will forever be

That which I sought to escape
That I have succumbed to


I placed my hand on her heart
And in it, I felt a hollow reverberation
Now the fear gripped my limbs intensely
And the wonder turned to horror
For I was certain, no life could exist in there
Your smile still stood tall
Broadly stretched across the horizon
In elegance, you kept your gaze steady
Filled with intent, character, charisma and all there was
In the moments that preceded, it captivated me
Captivated my soul, and filled it with wonder
Filled it with a longing and a desire
But that wonder is gone
A quick flash of realisation morphed it into horror
For the heart that lay behind it was hollow
And that terrified me to my bones

And with a voice; gentle, calm and serene; She spoke
Spoke of a heart once filled with vitality
A source of glory and light
Filling the earth with blessings
A fountain of good cheer
But life was jealous. Life was cruel; Life was life
And it sent its servants towards the heart
Each armed with a gift and tool
For with the former, they warmed their way in
And with the latter, they cracked her heart
That it bled till it was dry
And in its dryness, they never retreated
For life was jealous; Life was cruel; Life was life
Each servant, banging at the piece that served them
But she loved the more. Harder and more intently
That she was broken, and there was none to give was no deterrent
But of the empty heart, she gave the more
Gave of her emptiness, that her life may be spent completly
Gave of her brokenness, that her death may be in love
Still there was no relenting
For life was jealous; Life was cruel, Life was life

Now, in one moment, her smile was lost
The charm faded, and the serenity turned dark
Then she spoke again
She built her heart back up with her own hands
For each broken piece, she found its partner
An intense jigsaw of life
For failure was death, and death was more terrifying
A fear that drove her back on the path of life
A whole heart she now has
Solid, strong, impenetrable
But hollow it is; Void of life and vitality
For its abundance had flown away
And there was none to fill it up
But alas, a fine builder she was
For this heart was well covered.
Covered in smiles, charm and etiquette: A masterpiece of an artist
And she has learnt so much from life
That life is jealous; Life is cruel; life is life ~