All hail time

All hail the hands of the clock
For on them, we do rest our lives
Bow to this servant of time
Worship its excellence
It is a just master
Fair to all: cruel to all

Shine down on me
Let your favor find me
Let it guide my steps
Let it be my ally
Shine down on us all
Bring sanity to our existence

Look behind this hand
Look unto its instructor
Look beyond the servant: beyond the symbol
For in his royal consistency, time seats
Never hurried, never slow
A constant in the midst and absence of this chaos

All hail time; the fairest of all masters
Just in all its ways, just to the wicked and the meek
All hail time; just, fair, and unchanging
For of its ordinace have our lives been shaped
Of its abundance do we seek
And of its mercy, do the aged, apeal

All bow to this mighty one
For by his will, do we live our lives
And in its kingdom are we all servants
Bound by his rulership, bound by his greatness
But be at peace, for its reign is just
Just to one: just to all


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