The brightness that leads

Help me walk though this dark world
My dear friend
For your heart is bright
And its light brings joy to mine
It illuminates my path, and keeps me on it
It leads me on, and my attention remains stedfast
For it entices my heart
And my joy, for it, is forever bountiful

Your bright heart fights the darkness away
And the mist of loneliness, it keeps at bay
It shines brighter and brighter
It paves a way through the nothingness before us
And keeps my eyes fixed on tomorrow
Its absence will spell my doom, for the night seeks its departure from me
The night seeks to envelope me

Your heart warms my world
Its wraps me, and keeps my teeth from rattling
And the shiver that makes my body quake, it keeps away
That strength may remain in my bones
And composure, may always be my demeanor
For this world is cold in its night-ness
And it robs the kind of their warm heart

Hold my hands as you lead me on
Hold this outstretched hand as you pull me along
Hold my attention, for it is tempted to stray
For though my heart follows your brightness
My eyes. My eyes are tempted by the darkness that dwells in the night
Constantly wanting to snatch me from this path
Hold these hands and keep them from trembling

I am of this light
For your heart has brightened me
Now my soul illuminates
Illuminates from your joy. Illuminates from your love
I can feel my arm rise behind me
Yes. It holds another. It leads another
For this path you have opened in front of me
Leads a flock behind me; behind you

Do not let go
For though my heart now shines like yours
Thought its illumination is the path for another
My heart; my bright heart still longs for you
My arm still hold yours; like they, mine
And My path is still illuminated by your heart
Do not let got
For you, my dear friend, have brightened my life


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