Moments, my dear. Moment

Dance in the moment
Let your twirl be filled with majesty
Raise your arms high
And in gentle stride, float with the harmony
Let the sounds sip into your skin
Let the melody lift your feet
Let the harmony, gyrate your hips
For the moment is golden
And you are in it

Do not let hesitation rob you
For its camps inside ones heart
And with precision, strikes at the moment
That the moment may sail by
And forever be lost
For the moment is finite
Possible to be owned by the vigilant
Do not let hesitation rob you
For it shields away, the beauty of the moment

Let excitement find you
Let the sound of joy, fill your body
For in the moment it lives
Constantly in motion
Do not let it pass you by
Do not let its time, escape you
For the one who losses the moment
May forever wonder in its wake
Wholly to perpetually be on its trail

Grasp the moment
Latch unto it with with with urgency
Let your soul bask in it
Shoo off hesitation, for it robs the soul of this beauty
Life is filled with these little treats
Given freely to all who desire
That they may find the little joys that the earth offers
And of them, bask in the dance that ensues
The dance that only exists in the moment


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