Look up, beautiful prince

Look up upon me, you little one
Look high beyond me
May your vision settle on the stars
And may your thoughts find refreshment in the heavens
For your journey exceeds their limits
May their shores refill you with strength
Strength, as you wade through the stars

Look up, you beautiful one
Let your charm shine bright, you prince
For you have stolen the hearts of all
And in the wake of your first cry, has joy come to men
For the desires of many, has turn to flesh
And the longing of many, has been born
Born to the bosom of a good queen and her king

Raise your hands, you precious one
Your days grow larger, as the hearts you fill
Your smiles grow wider, as the happiness you bring
You strides stretch further, as the pleasure you bring
Your voice rises louder, as the hope you raise
Your enthusiasm shines brighter, as the promise you bring
For the round of days have brought your fullness closer

Be blessed, you beautiful prince
Be blessed, amongst your peers
And in the presence of your elders, may you be an inspiration
For the face of the earth changes, and its countenance is red upon us
But your glory fills its presence, and the gloom turns to light
Your wails and laughs, turn tomorrow to desire
For all hearts dream of your fullness

Blessed be the fullness of the day that has brought you upon us
Blessed be your countenance
For it has bestowed upon our hearts hope
And hope has brought cheer
Blessed be you; you beautiful prince
For you have brought cheer upon us all
And our hearts are forever ecstatic


One comment

  1. chennysmusings · January 13, 2016

    `Thank you so much for this. it is a beautiful piece. you are an amazing uncle.

    Liked by 1 person

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