Silence and distance

As they grew shorter, my heart shrank along with them
The walls and pillars that propped it up seemed to cave in
In hind sight, they were held up by you
By the constant assurance of your closeness
Now thy are shrunk, and now this void is caving in
And I have no strength to hold them up

The distance grew
And like a string, I let loose my joy
Now the gloom has returned
Ferocious and ever so daunting
For my heart was kept alight by your presence
And of your countenance, was happiness made real

As your silence grew so did fear gain voice
It howled louder, and my cowardice became the best of me
It squeezed tight, and there was no struggle in me
The fight; seemingly powered by you, had gone
Receded to the deepest caves of my soul
Now, I lay sprawled, anticipating the worst of fate

The echo here reverberates unhindered
No light, no shield, no restrain
My arms are too weak to rise in defense of me
My heart is too spent to urge me to move
The void has become the fullness of me
Maybe one day, it will teach this heart to survive like it does


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