Search your soul

Search your soul for love
For it resides deep within it
Beaten and chastised by the ravaging winds of reality
It hunkers down in retreat
That life may call on it one day
And beauty may, with diligence, seek it out
And of that accord, it would blossom

Quiet down the storm
Lay this path that leads to the depth of your soul
For in the deepest of its crevices
In the innermost and hidden depths
Where the heart hides its most intimate secrets
There, hunched, hidden; is love
For it is sheltered in this solitude
Sheltered, that fear may not find it
And distress may let it rest
Do not awaken love, for it is beat
Let solitude comfort it
Let vitality find its way to its soul
That it may, in its time, unfold in its newness
And fill this heart with vitality

A broken heart finds it heart to love
For the cracks and cuts, are open and vulnerable
And it shrivel at the sign of pain and doubt
So love tucks itself away
Seeking healing for its host
That this heart may be healed
And one day thrive again

But till then
Love hides in waiting
Courted by patience and solitude
Till the rising of the sun brings in fresh warmth
And the beautiful heart, shines again



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