A trade with time

He dreams of how his lights will go out
His heart ponders on the void beyond the vail
For by his own doing, his end has averted him
He has drawn an alliance with time
And hence camped out of its reach
And now his slumber has free reign
For time was never fair in the deal
His nights have been stolen
That in  the dark, he may search for slumber, and find it not
Now his heart wishes desperately
That the scythe of death will swing from on high
And that this torment of agelessness will leave him

Come back!
Take that which you have given me

He lifts himself from the cover
Tosses his robes on the floor
And stands under the moonlight
Tired and spent; Mad

Madness hovers on my periphery
For your gifts are bane
And your blessings are curses
You have lifted age from my bones
And my vision you have sharpened
But why bestow upon me such cruelty?
For my sleep! My dear sleep, have you withheld

He falls to the earth
And his shoulders are over come with sorrow
For his strength has given way to agony
and his heart, to disdain

Now my mind is driven to madness
My senses are driven to shambles
You have taken my beloved memory
You have turned them to torment
That they may haunt me in the moment of rest
Caution was admonished of me, but I was naïve
For I was full of trust and exuberance
Engulfed in my desire for eternity
Now cursed am I by my desperate heart
Damnation is home with me
This have my hands brought upon me
That my mind may be broken by the arm of stress
And a slave to time I will forever be

That which I sought to escape
That I have succumbed to


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