Good for good

That I walk the fine line
A path, desolate and desired
Perfect in its self; A tribute to glory
That my footstep be laced in holiness
And my heart be without reproach
This is the desire of me
For by good do I dream of living
And to do its bidding do I dream

But the walk is hard
It rips out the spirit out of a man, and casts his dreams to the earth
For all are cruel and haughty in their ways
Seeking the demise of other, so to trample on
That they may be lifted, on the shoulders of one
And on the foolishness of another, they should rise
For nothing is good; not even the heart of the king
For he searches for the weakness of my heart, and seeks to exploit it
That he may bury me in the night
And morn my absence with other; The perfection of deceit
Why then should good be done for such?
How then can such deserve good?

Is not the fruit of the farmer his due recompense?
Therefore he that sows my demise, must rip his
And he that causes another to fall, must fall alike
For no heart that plots evil deserves good
And no soul that dines with darkness should beacon on light

And so the earth turned dark
For good became a product of the heart of man
And the heart of man had turned evil
The light had departed from his being
And the sceptre of the weak and helpless, was taken away
For only the deserving, got good
Only the deserving attracted it

Do not be good for the glory on man
Do not, unto others be good, for their glory
Not even for your heart’s cheer
For such thirst fades
The cup will run full
And the wake of day will be filled with emptiness
For the heart is finite
And the ego is, but a cup

So I ask
Teach me to be good
That in its doing, is its being
A conundrum of itself
A dialectic in its own being
That for the good of good, goodness will emanate
For such a fountain is infinite
Such a spring runs through eternity

But does such a heart exist?
Is there nobility of such on this earth?
That one will commit himself to good irrespective of?
And one will tarry irreparably in good and not give up?
That is the heart of God
For man cannot comprehend such
Humanity is void of such uprightness
And the earth can no longer grow such perfection



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