A joy from joy to joy

Watch me tremble
For there was fear living in my soul
It ravaged my body
And of my strength, did it feast on
I was weak and unable
My muscles ached and failed me
My limbs shook, and my joints rattle
Now you see the failings I have come to live with

But here is another story
One you should be interested in
One with a twist
For in my rise, I found fear meddling excitement
My heart was dancing to a different tune
For the fear had shaken it too much
And yes, it has turned the shake to a dance
One born of the earth and stars

Never has joy seemed this pleasant
Never has my heart been this elated
For in my wake, the sun greets me
And in my dance, hearts are lifted
Is not that the epitome of happiness?
Is not that worth the life I am living?
That of my joy is your joy that is my joy
An enigma of joy

For my arms were weak
And my soul was heavy
I was made flawed; broken from a start
Emptiness filled me, and with it, sadness
But you found in me, joy
Buried deep within; Lost and secluded
And that made you smile
And of your smile, has my joy risen
You found your joy in me;
And that joy, made me whole






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