On the hill

Looking on the hill
There a man stood: heart in hand
Eyes rested on the thumping heart
He gazed; solemn, peaceful, thoughtful
Calm was rested on his shoulder
Gently, he stroked the beating heart
Not wanting to wake it
And steadily it thumped about
Thump! Thump! Thump!

Curiosity had its string on all who saw him
And with a gentle pull, it tugged at them
For all people, far and near, drifted to him
All eyes peer into the hand
And their faces were shrouded in empathy
For they heard the steady sound  of his heart
And they replied, with their hands placed on their hearts
Thump! Thump! Thump!

His whispers filled the air:

You are loved, my dear heart
You are precious
Your sound is life to me
Your dance is joy to my body
I will cloth you in everlasting love
I will fill you with everything I posses
And the satisfaction you desire, you will receive
For you are my heart
My very dear heart
And I cherish you

All eyes peered at this lonely stranger
For he swaddled his heart in love
And in his loneliness, he poured his desire on his heart
For on this hill he stood till the sun set
And at sunrise, he still present
Heart in his palm:
May his loneliness be history someday
May his heart be drowned in love; love from another
For his deepest desire lies in giving his heart away
For he desires a new heart; another’s heart to love
And beneath his whispers, I heard him say

Take this heart from me
For I have no new love to pour on it
Take it from my hands
I fear familiarity will hurt it
I fear I may loose this tenderness I have for it
Place in my hand, another heart
That I may smother it with compassion
And in love, shower it anew


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