A new smile

In her eyes was a smile
One very new to me
For it glistered bright, and was full of knowing
It sprung deep from her soul
And of her strongest assertions, was it built
For it was steadfast and assuring
Born of the days past
Full of the future to come

Her smile shown like a new day
Filled with the blessedness of a budding plant
For out of the rubbles of disaster
From the ashes of yesterday, did it spring fort
A smile, most unlikely
A smile, most unpredicted

Watered by the tears of yesterday
Dare I say, the child of chaos
For only through the fight
Only through the scuffle
Only by the struggle, and the resolutions it birthed
Only though this, has this smile been born

I am doused in astonishment
For hope, in my heart, was lost
The chaos was daunting, and only on the rubbles, had my eyes rested
For the destruction was much
And rebirth was unlikely
I was certain that new light was far gone

Now I stare; bewildered
For in her eyes, was a smile
A very new one
It glistered bright, and was full of knowing
It shown from deep within her soul
And of a strong asserting, was it built
For she has come through perdition
And unto a new day, been born again





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