With company, Supine

With eyes closed, they lay beside each other
Bathed by the gentle warmth of the sun
Its rays breaking through the tress
For even the sun was curious
“What manner of love is this?”
For even the tress were in cahoots
All living things must witness this
For they were one
One company; reaffirming, dear, encouraging
For even in their silence and mellow
Hearts remained connected

They lay supine
Shoulders brushing each other
But their hearts were in an embrace
Their company blossomed the trees
And the wild received new light
For in the presence of such love, all are blessed
That humanity may know what affection is
With hearts smiling, and souls dancing
Words flowed from heart to heart
Yes, life has been brought back to the earth
And it flourished amongst humans

But the trees faded
Vanishing from above them
And the sun retreated
Away from the world
And in his words, was it trapped
For they had never been
They had never been together
These shoulders were a world apart
And their hands we an eternity away
But their company was none the less denied
For their hearts were growing into life

Yet the life they gave, graced the surface of the earth
For lo, the one dreamt
The one dreamt of an earth in the company of another
And a heaven for their hearts
And he planted the tress on the earth
And placed the sun in the heaven
That he may sleep with a smile, and a fullness in his heart
Forgetting the cruelty of existence
And the chains of reality
That for a moment; a little tiny moment
He may bask in his dreams

And these dreams flourished
For though reality remained undeterred
The waltzing heart spewed life
Lo, the sun came out for a peak
And the trees were in cahoots
For life had come back to earth
And none could hide from it



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