On the edge of possibilities

Here, I will lie
I will give into slumber
For the chasm ahead deserves my tomorrow
It is wide, attractive and inviting
I lie with my back to it, for it fills my thought
And the sounds from it is a cacophony that entices
I wish my strength to be renewed
I pray my heart to be focus
For I lie on the edge of possibilities
The port from where all stories change

None has ever returned from beyond here
Tales of many having gone, echo in the whispers
They fuel the imaginations, dreams and nightmares of many
They cause the heart of one to scream in agony
While another, lavishes in excitement
For tomorrow is like a thick black mist
Drawing close; Inescapable, indispensable and unforgiving
Neither merciful nor cruel
It is like a horse;
And on its back, rides possibilities

What does one do in anticipation of tomorrow?
How does one prepare for the unknown?
For within this myriad of possibilities, lies victory and demise
Yes, eyes are shut, but panic waltz, in my heart, with excitement
Quickening my heart and tingling my nerves
For the heart dreads the just recompense of yesterday
For the heart desires the just recompense of yesterday
And so under the covers of night, I lie
Hiding the dread; hiding the excitement; hiding the desire; hiding
That I may charge at it, at the first light of day

Here I lie, on the edge of possibilities
Yesterday is long spent; a mere memory
Tomorrow approaches; undeterred
Let courage lead me; let focus direct me
Let grace be my advocate; let mercy be before me
For theĀ infinitude that presents itself is electrifying
And its fascination is overwhelming


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