My mind was frozen on the smile
The delicate tenderness of her happiness
It was within grasp but I dared not touch it
Least I corrupted that which is beautiful
The world seemed to shine on her
And with brilliance, did she reflect its light
Maybe the perfection of her smile was what stopped my world
Maybe it was my rising pulse
For my heart desired to bask solely in the moment
In this moment where nothing else but that smile mattered

My mind froze on his smile
I looked up from his little feet to his face
His excitement poured down on me in breaths, smiles and light
For the first day of his new world was thrilling to him
My joy for him today, as always, continually rose
But my fears also camped in me
For his first day at school is a day from me
My heart sinks that he will be gone one day; soon
I wish to hold this moment
To lace his shoes again and again
To look up to my son, and bask in his excitement

And my shoulder hurt from his fist
Clenched tight, its collision sent a shriek of pain through my nerves
For my words were crude, and his response was rapid
All drowned out by laughter, so did boys play
That after decades of company, this should forever be pleasant
Pleasant past the filth we crawled through and rough endured
Such friendship should survive
Such a jolt may have sealed the moment within me
For I did dwell on it perpetually
I know it has been engrained in me
A forceful stamp that I do not reject

And I bid my heart to remember the time
Not by its structures or edifices
Not by the cost or the glimmer
But in the instances where you smile
In the seconds where I am baptized in your excitement
In the time where my heart leaps for your joy
In the tears that flow from the rivers in my soul
In those, lie the moments
The moments that spell out the tales of my life
The moments that make existence tangible
In them is time memorized; in then is life immortalised


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