A herculean task

I see it fall below the horizon
Its gradual decent, though predictable, is still calming
Its shine is increasingly obscured from my sight
And like my desperation, it eases out of view
No longer will I rush under its glory
No longer will I hurry to meet daylight
The darkness of night has settled
And so is the end of desperation

Look how the heart fights to keep it alive
Look how it searches for a lifeline
Even in the face of demise
Even when the pain of the future snickers at the present
Even when the hearts longing has waned
Even when the bleakness of oblivion is well and alive
Even in such
The task of giving up seems insurmountable

I turned to the path that we left behind
There is soooo much of history we have disturbed
So many rocks turned on their head
We have left grooves in the earth that run deep
And in them, have I placed pieces of my heart
I think of the task to gather them up
To clear the earth of our trace
And my heart withers at it

Such a task is too much to bare
No arm, back, heart or soul can
And so I live with the dread
That in everyday forever
My look to yesterday will be tainted by you
And this heart will forever hold in its vault
A little, tiny, small, sliver of hope
Just a little one


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