Forgive this heart of mine

Please forgive this heart of mine
For it was never meant to be this cruel
It is noble in its way, and its intentions are good
It wakes in the morning to the beautiful sound of sunrise
At noon, it broods over maters that trouble
At sunset, it desires the company of companions
But through all these, it desire to please you
It desires to bring pleasure to you
It desires that your heart will be filled with joy
It desires that it may behold the beauty of your heart
It desires that your face be covered with smiles
And your heart be littered with the tales of those smiles
It desires that your moments be blissful
It desire that all men may bring you gifts
It desires that your feet be covered with roses
It desires that your heart be filled with laughter
And the questions that puzzle your heart be overcome with answers
It desires that your way be filled with adventure
And that your story be the fantasies of many
It desires that goodness and grace be your guide
It desire that good company should never be far from you
Yes! My heart desires for you, the best the earth has
It desire that the treasures of the earth be dug up and laid at your feet
Above all. It desire that from the depth of you;
From the innermost part of your being
From the deepest crevice of your soul
There, should joy spring from
And that spring should sprout life on its path
Life, so full and blossoming
Blossoming with the best of flowers
Flowers with the brightest of colours
Colours that shine to the ends of the earth
Yes. This is what my heart desire for you

Not the pain it has come to cause


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