The irrationality of trust

Give up your self reliance
Throw them in the trash
Cast the pride in the garbage
Toss away, the sense of self security
Let it find little room in your heart
Yes. Let the walls built, all fall to the ground
That you may look beyond the fortress in your heart
And the towers of your inner security, may you abandon
And may your confidence lie in the bosom of another
Even as you place your heart in their arms
Letting to rest in them, your confidence

Now the matter before all men is this
In whom should my confidence find shelter in?
In who is it safe to keep my heart?
And to whose guidance should my heart be commended to?
These questions trouble a man from his birth till his days of old
It troubles their hearts continually, and to no solid end
And so they distributed their hearts
Some spreading it in the arms of different master
One vested it in the arms of his compatriots
In desperation, one man places his heart carelessly
In rationality, another leaves his in the confidence of another
In Love, one leave his
And in faith, the another leaves his heart
Now they all lay in their beds, seeking reassurance
Even in the midst of the decisions, their heart still wonders

Why is it, the heart cannot remain with its owner?
Why can it not dwell at home?
Why must it be entrusted into the arms of another?
Must its longing always be wayward?
Must its desire for comfort, always lie far away?
And then he looks down in his arm
And in realisation, the hearts of others he sees, lying there
And fear grips him, even to the bones
For his was not only given away
No! it was merely an exchange
Now, he holds a piece of all the hearts
A piece of all of those who hold his
And in that he realises the barter of trust
That he, in giving out for protection, has received for care; the hearts of many


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