A chain of events

. . . and he cracked his whip back
Stretching it to the ends of the earth
The long line of recompense licked the horizon
And with a never startling crack, headed forward
It surged at me with ferocity
Looking to rip open my heart
Seeking to fill it with its pain
It seeks to fill its content to the brim
Till where my knees buckle and my arms clench tight to my torso
And still, it plans to not let go
This here is the intention of regret
This here is the path of recompense

Of the content of my heart it peers
Looking intently into them
It lays them bare and shuffles through them
And in judgment, it presents my yesterday
It places it before me, and commences the trial
Here is the fault, that you birthed when the sun rose
Here is the failure you have orchestrated
Now you must account for it
Yes, you must pay for it
And so regret seeks to trouble my heart
That the missteps of yesterday may become my torment of tomorrow
A cruel judgment it has meted out for me

This cracked whip surges back and forth continually
A piece of my consciences it seeks; perpetually
A part of my tomorrow it bids to chomp
May I find peace in the midst of its barrage
And may its falter in its bidding
That regret may, of my days, not bring to ruin


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