And the sound was soothing

The sound serenaded the earth
It filled the fields, and caused life in them
It soothed the wails of babies
And the comfort of mothers, it flourished
It searched deep for despair
And in finding it, turned it to joy
The heart of the desolate was lifted
And their pains were washed away
This sound was vitality to the grave
And to the dying day, it elated
The sound was a source of life
And life was forever beautiful

And so my heart yearned to know where such came from
It yearned to see, from where such healing was birthed
And of this search, did it bask in
Bask in, for the search was heavy on this heart
And in the middle of this quest, It was comforted with you
For it had found where such beauty emanated from

This sound that serenaded the earth was from you
And of its abundance, were we graced
For your sang to hearts of men
To the elated, you celebrated with songs of praise
To the fervent worshiper, you guided their hearts
And to those who sought answers, their feet did you lead to salvation
You filled the hearts of many with smiles
And their bellies, you fill with butterflies
Your sound filled the emptiness in the hearts of many
And out of their pain, have you pulled them
Pulled them in to the beauty of your melody
And into the serenity of peace

How beautiful is the sound that comes from you
How blessed is the ear that listens
A world is most glorified by your presence
And the heart of men is most fortunate in your company
For your voice is the elixir of life
The elixir that brings life to the dying heart
The elixir that is birthed from a heart
A heart as beautiful as your


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