Disdain for (new) knowledge

Now I understand what I never knew before
Do you want to arrest me?
Because I have changed my mind?
Because I have called black, white and then blue?
Is my changing mind now a crime to you?
Ok then, Sue me. Hit me. Despise me.
How much better does that make you feel
Ol’ Ye one of absolute knowledge

Who is the fool today?
Who is the lowest of men?
One who turns the wheel of decision
And by so, heads towards the light upon the birth of new knowledge?
Or the one who heads on to damnation with pride and a poker face
Is your display of confidence a trophy worth holding high?
Holding high while your demise circles the plinth you stand upon?
Do not let pride groom ignorance in you

Knowledge is never absolute
Understanding changes
It is your duty, oh man, to seek and grasp this
And when you find it
Or when it accosts you, then you must be changed
You must turn in your ways
For there is no honour in ignorance
Neither is there nobility in a disdain for truth

I am, first, of my words
One, whose self takes precedence over speech
One whose knowledge is not absolute
Neither is his understanding complete
May I lift the weight of humility in the face of pride
And of my childish ways, despise
That I may wake in the morrow to a new beginning
One where the garment of yesterday’s errors, lay discarded




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