When reason guides your steps
They will trod the safe path
They will walk the lit road
They will be accompanied by caution
They will anticipate the dark days
They will anticipate the wet days
The hard rock will be no surprise
And the sandy path will be foreknown

When reason guides your step
They will walk with knowledge
Your steps will avoid the unknown
They will seek guidance in understanding
They will detest risk and the domain of chance
Reason will employ the service of logic
And the admonitions of the heart, it will reprimand
For emotions are the worst of compasses

You see, reason thumps all
Reason excels over the heart
It is superior to feelings
Its fruits are proven
Reason is not sentimental
Neither is it swayed by the touch of intimacy
It is steadfast and reliable
Reason is arghhhhhh, and must be trusted

Reason cannot bask in the beauty of sunset
Neither can it get lost in the sweet aroma that precedes the food
Why then should REASON be?



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